Slewing bearings
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Tailormade design

Customised, instead of off the shelf

Special applications require customised solutions. This is why our products are developed and constructed in complete accordance with your requirements. Through close collaboration, we develop solutions which are unrivalled in terms of construction, material quality and performance.

For our rothe erde® slewing bearings, our psl® bearings and our rothe erde® rings, we can fall back on different models, hardness methods and configuration - practical and tried and tested worldwide.

Our industry solutions

Whilst fossil fuels are becoming ever more scarce, the global need for energy is growing. The limited resources and increasing energy prices are global challenges for which, we at thyssenkrupp rothe erde are pooling our expertise and continually working on innovative solutions. With the clear aim of decisively advancing environmentally-friendly energy sources, we are creating increasingly efficient plants around the world, capable of competing with energy sources driven by fossil fuels.

As a diversified industrial company with great engineering skills, thyssenkrupp rothe erde delivers innovative products, processes and solutions to meet the world’s increasing demand for energy. As resilient, compact, connecting elements, our rothe erde® slewing bearings and rings in wind energy turbines, current and tidal power plants and solar plants, significantly and sustainably contribute to climate protection by means of renewable energy and to the protection of global resources.