Solutions for renewable energy

Industries in the field of renewable energies

Renewable energies

Tidal energy

Current and tidal power plants place particularly high demands on corrosion protection due to their use in seawater. To meet these requirements, thyssenkrupp rothe erde uses special sealing systems with sealing surfaces made of stainless steel, for example, which have proven themselves over many years of use in the offshore industry.

Gear manufacturing

Gears are an elementary component of engineering. Their main task is to absorb and transmit forces. Therefore, particularly stable and durable elements must be taken into account in gear construction. Given the increasing demands on machine and plant capacity, an experienced and innovative partner is indispensable in this field.

Wind energy

Wind energy is a crucial contributor to the energy revolution, and carbon dioxide-free energy conversion is playing an ever increasing role in this. Germany is not only a technological leader in this field, but it also uses wind as its number one alternative energy source.

Solar energy

In the field of solar energy, thyssenkrupp rothe erde is also making an important contribution to making even better use of existing potential. In photovoltaic systems, rothe erde® slewing bearings and drive units guarantee that the cells are always optimally aligned to the sun. Similarly, rothe erde® large-diameter antifriction bearings and drive units are used in solar power plants to align the mirrors so that they focus the sun's rays.