Solutions for the oil and gas industry from thyssenkrupp rothe erde

Industries in the oil and gas sector

Oil and gas

Maritime applications

The slewing bearings made by thyssenkrupp rothe erde boast the best of reputations in the offshore industry. They have been used in cranes, rudder post bearings, propeller shafts, and other maritime applications for decades already.

Gear manufacturing

Gears are an elementary component of engineering. Their main task is to absorb and transmit forces. Therefore, particularly stable and durable elements must be taken into account in gear construction. Given the increasing demands on machine and plant capacity, an experienced and innovative partner is indispensable in this field.

Oil and gas conveying technology

thyssenkrupp rothe erde produces special slewing bearings with enormous diameters of up to 18 metres for the oil conveying industry’s mobile production, storage and loading units. With our wide range of products and services, we are the technology partner for many of the largest companies in the oil and gas industry.

Cranes and lifting devices

five red cranes five red cranes
The central function of cranes is to securely transport goods and people in ever more sophisticated ways. Here, the following principle applies: Bigger, higher, faster and further. This principle applies irrespective of whether a wind turbine is to be built on the high seas, ships are to be efficiently loaded and unloaded, or whether a record high skyscraper is to be erected.