Solutions for the construction industry

Sectors in the field of construction and infrastructure

Construction and infrastructure


Excavators are put to use wherever the reliable movement of earth is required. From gardening and landscaping to road and house construction and mine work, excavators are reliable helpers.

Automotive engineering

As flexible modes of freight transport, lorries are at the centre of global logistics. These transport vehicles must be particularly mobile on the narrow roads of our cities. Slewing bearings by thyssenkrupp rothe erde are a key component for controllable axes.

Tunnel engineering

Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are used in transport and infrastructure projects. Alongside projects related to the construction of underground and overground railways and street tunnels, these also include water supply and sewage disposal projects. The main applications of these machines are cutting-head bearings, which are also called main bearings.

Cranes and lifting devices

The central function of cranes is to securely transport goods and people in ever more sophisticated ways. Here, the following principle applies: Bigger, higher, faster and further. This principle applies irrespective of whether a wind turbine is to be built on the high seas, ships are to be efficiently loaded and unloaded, or whether a record high skyscraper is to be erected.

Construction machinery

In order to complete construction projects in as little time as possible, machines such as soil drilling devices, skips, concrete pump cantilevers, vibrating rollers, wheel bearings and pivot bearings are indispensable. rothe erde ® slewing bearings from thyssenkrupp rothe erde are developed to withstand the tough operating conditions on construction sites around the world.