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engineering. tomorrow. together.

Three words that describe who we are, what we do and how we do it.

engineering part of our identity. It describes the way we think. In the plant, in the office, at every location in the world. It means developing solutions for customers - big and small, today and tomorrow. As a diversified industrial group, we supply reliable products, services and solutions on time, of the best quality and with an attractive price to performance ratio in the areas of mechanics, systems engineering and materials. We know our customers and their markets. We are investing in relevant technological innovations, thereby making the world that little bit better. We are a reliable partner - we promise that.


We have been writing industrial history for over 200 years. From this we draw our strength and competence. But a great past is not enough to prepare us for the challenges of the future. This is why we think of how we want to be tomorrow. And we know today what the world of tomorrow and our customers need. We are developing sustainable solutions which also meet the requirements of the future. We are improving what already works well. And we are revolutionizing industries to make people’s lives easier and provide our customers with a competitive advantage.


We share our knowledge, combine it, and create something new from it - across companies, industries and countries. Our businesses benefit from our division-wide thinking and working. “together” is something we promise our customers, partner organizations and ourselves. We trust and are trustworthy. We are a team. We work together. We learn from one another and continue to develop together. Since: We can only achieve the really big goals together.

Bearings key figures

Fewer downtimes in offshore wind farms through data-based condition monitoring

The predictive condition monitoring technology is revolutionizing the maintenance of slewing bearings in difficult-to-access facilities. Our experts at Rothe Erde explain the advantages of condition monitoring.

With their digital maintenance solution, Dr. Gunther Elfert, technical project manager, and Gideon Eichner, commercial project manager at Rothe Erde, help manufacturers of wind turbines to operate their plants efficiently.

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Like sun worshippers, directed towards the sky: Looking at solar plants one might not guess that mobility is a major part of photovoltaics. The sun has always provided life on earth with its warming power and light. Using this power to supply energy is not a new idea. Most people are familiar with solar and photovoltaic systems.

Logistical masterpiece: Millimeters count in the transport of slewing bearings

With an outer diameter of over six meters, transporting slewing bearings is an enormous challenge. But how do they get to their destination?

Quantum of the Seas

The Quantum of the Seas is not only the third biggest cruise ship in the world. It also has an attraction on board that is offered by no one else: An observation gondola with a 360-degree ocean view. It is stabilized by a slewing bearing from Lippstadt.

14 tons of concentrated reliability: The 1,000th main bearing for multi-megawatt wind turbines

In March 2020, the colleagues at Rothe Erde reached a milestone in their production history: the manufacturing of the 1,000th multi-megawatt main bearing. We took a closer look at this component of wind turbines, which is so important for a successful energy transition.