thyssenkrupp solutions in mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering

Automotive engineering

As flexible modes of freight transport, lorries are at the centre of global logistics. These transport vehicles must be particularly mobile on the narrow roads of our cities. Slewing bearings by thyssenkrupp rothe erde are a key component for controllable axes.

Gear manufacturing

Gears are an elementary component of engineering. Their main task is to absorb and transmit forces. Therefore, particularly stable and durable elements must be taken into account in gear construction. Given the increasing demands on machine and plant capacity, an experienced and innovative partner is indispensable in this field.

Smelting works engineering

A smelting or steelworks plant serves to produce unrefined iron and steel out of iron ore. The term, smelting technology, describes the process of producing steel, as well as the applications and machines used in doing so. These are both ball and roller slewing rings. Almost all well-known manufacturers of different systems for smelting technology trust the individually developed and manufactured products made by thyssenkrupp rothe erde.

Packaging and filling machines

To securely transport products of all kinds, modern packaging machines are indispensable. They are used to pack the most varied of goods and liquids in many different variations and as special solutions, for example, as bottle and can fillers, sealing machines or film winders. Packaging machines must meet two main requirements: Both high throughput and low waste. Continuously rotating slewing bearings help with this: They minimise wear caused by the packaging process and ensure the machines attain a long service life.

General engineering

The development of new markets is a challenge for machine and plant engineering since framework conditions are constantly changing. With our efficient plants and procedures, we offer the solution to ever stricter energy and environmental requirements. We are always one step ahead because we use the latest processing technologies and high-performance materials and are constantly developing them further.

Raw material extraction and processing

There are a number of steps and processes in both the extraction and processing of industrial raw materials. Specialist machines are used for this. They manage the extraction of minerals and raw materials, their handling, transportation, storage, and eventually their treatment, for example, the breaking, sifting or grinding. Bearings made by thyssenkrupp rothe erde contribute to the technical advancement of raw materials treatment. The tough operational and environmental conditions require extremely robust bearings to ensure their further processing remains efficient.