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As the world market leader for slewing bearings, we lead the way - with a comprehensive product portfolio for various industries.

Thanks to our more than 160 years of experience, we can specifically address the different requirements of the various industries. Together with our customers, we develop suitable and individual bearing solutions.

Your industry or application is not represented? Please feel free to contact us. Together we will find a suitable solution.

Our industry solutions

Construction and infrastructure

yellow excavator with snow in background

Bearing solutions for automotive engineering, tunnel engineering, cranes and lifting devices, construction machinery and excavators.

Our cities are growing rapidly. Forecasts estimate that in the next 30 years, so within one generation alone, a further three billion people worldwide will move to metropolitan regions. This presents massive challenges, not only for transport and traffic, but, above all, for...

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Renewable energy

Eight wind turbines on a green field with blue sky and clouds

Bearing solutions for tidal energy, gear manufacturing, wind energy and solar energy.

Whilst fossil fuels are becoming ever scarcer, the global need for energy is growing. Limited resources and increasing energy prices are global challenges for which we at thyssenkrupp rothe erde are continually working on innovative solutions. Our goal is to significantly...

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Mechanical and plant engineering

Industrial plant in the dark with lights

Bearing solutions for automotive engineering, gear manufacturing, smelting works engineering, packaging and filling machines, general engineering and raw material extraction and processing.

Mechanical and plant engineering as a classical engineering science is a highly innovative industry nowadays. Alongside our customers, we face the many challenges of the future. Together, we design and build bearing solutions which support  in developing and...

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Oil and gas

Oil and gas plant in the dark with lights

Bearing solutions for maritime applications, gear manufacturing, oil and gas conveying technology and cranes and lifting devices.

The energy supply is in a state of upheaval: The scarcity of resources, different market conditions, and stricter environmental guidelines have introduced the need for more efficient processes for the extraction and processing of raw materials. In addition to oil, gas and...

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Precision applications

Antennas on space

Bearing solutions for machine tools and production technology, medical technology, aeronautics and aerospace, antennae and telescopes and military engineering.

Certain applications call for roller bearings, which offer a particularly high level of precision under unusual operational conditions. For example, as far as assignments in or observations of space are concerned, or the safety of patients during a medical test. Here...

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Transport and conveying technology

Blue excavator under construction

Bearing solutions for automotive engineering, tunnel engineering, maritime applications, spoil pile and conveying, oil and gas conveying technology and excavators.

Even under the hardest conditions, our products ensure smooth operation. This can be witnessed both in the world’s mines, where excavators, stackers and reclaimers deliver their service, and in rough seas, where robust offshore cranes supply the oil extraction...

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