Laura Patrzek, industrial mechanic apprentice, smiling while working at a machine, wearing ear and head protection

Erik Stückemann

Industrial mechanic apprentice

Janina Jäger, machining mechanic apprentice, smiling while working at a machine

Janina Jäger

Machining mechanic apprentice

Industrial clerk apprentice sitting at a desk, smiling while talking on the phone

Alessandro Fenu

Industrial clerk apprentice

Lisa-Marie Winkelhorst, former apprentice, arms crossed, smiling

Lisa-Marie Winkelhorst

Former apprentice, current position: polisher TB 2

Why should I choose Rothe Erde as my training company?

As one of the biggest employers in Lippstadt and the surrounding area, Rothe Erde offers you excellent conditions to learn the individual apprenticeships. We rely on two key factors:

  • the years of experience of our full-time, competent and committed trainers

  • on the very good results achieved by our apprentice in their final exams.

"This shows that the apprentices here have great prerequisites to learn the training professions and the majority of the apprentices also greatly appreciate the offered opportunities and use them for themselves," says Kerstin Schulte, our personnel specialist at the Lippstadt site.

Our own training workshop in Lippstadt is one of the ways, in which the 70 young apprentices can try out, exchange and develop their skills. At our locations in Dortmund and Eberswalde, you can be sure that you will learn all the skills you need for your future professional life through training cooperations. Regulated working hours and an attractive training salary are not neglected either: "The apprentices get to know the different machines and techniques - from standard to high-tech - and we make sure that the training is product orientated as much as possible," says Bernhard Rappold.

Those who start their apprenticeship with us can be sure to be integrated and appreciated as a full member of the company from the very beginning. It is important for us to give our young entrants the opportunity to take over the responsibility or to be involved. For example, to take care of some parts of the plant tour for visitor groups or mentoring for first-year apprentices.

In addition, apprentices who have distinguished themselves through special achievements, have the opportunity to participate in a 5-day training trip to one of our European subsidiaries. "The trip to Slovakia was one of the most exciting experiences in my apprenticeship," says our former apprentice and current foreman representative Lisa-Marie Winkelhorst.

"I would recommend thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH as a training company because the work here is versatile and you do something new every day," says Janina (machining mechanic apprentice).

How can I continue after completing my apprenticeship at Rothe Erde?

We of course hope that the apprentice will work for us beyond their training, whether as skilled workers in the manufacturing environment or as employees in the industrial area. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many former apprentices to work in our factories. Karsten Kaspari, who is a master at our Lippstadt plant, remembers:

My career at thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH started in 1995 with my training as an industrial mechanic. 10 years later, I was made a supervisor before three years later I was made a master. I took several courses, the largest of which was that of a mechanical engineer!

Karsten Kaspari
Foreman TB 9

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