Internships and student initiatives

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It's still a while until you graduate, but you're already thinking about where you want to go? How about an internship? Or a day at the Rothe Erde Lippstadt plant, e.g. on Girls' Day or on a careers day? These and other student initiatives could lead you to an internship with us in Lippstadt! We offer committed students the opportunity to gain exciting insights into our innovative technologies and diverse projects and to discover their passion for technology and industry.

Student internship at Rothe Erde

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A school internship is the first step towards your future. Your school will certainly offer you the opportunity to gain your first professional experience from the eighth or ninth grade (this may vary depending on the type of school). Of course, you can also take advantage of this opportunity outside of school during your holidays!

When you are looking for a career or an apprenticeship, you will have some images in your mind. However, these images may differ from reality. That's why it's important to get some practical experience while you're still at school, so that you choose the right direction and don't find out later that it's not the right path for you.

Why you should do a student internship with us

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An internship for students gives you exciting insights into the world of thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH. With a student internship, you can get a taste of one of our professional fields for two to three weeks. You will learn early on how important certain skills and knowledge are for your future career and can test your personal interests and talents in practice.

If you want to take your first step into the world of work, it's best to send us your application as early as possible. And who knows? Maybe you'll lay the foundation for an apprenticeship with us.

5 reasons why a school internship makes sense

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Even if completing an internship during school is compulsory, it makes sense to think about doing more than one internship. This will allow you to learn about different areas and get closer and closer to your dream job. Whether compulsory or voluntary, there are five important reasons why internships are important and useful:

  1. You find out what a potential working day could look like.

  2. You get to know how to interact with colleagues.

  3. You can gain an impression of whether the job is right for you and get to know yourself and your strengths better.

  4. You get an insight into a company and can make a positive impression there.

  5. Not to forget: You fill out your CV and can prove that you already have work experience.

Student initiatives

Factory tours

School groups have the opportunity to visit our plant in Lippstadt. The plant in Lippstadt is the largest plant of thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH and manufactures slewing bearings from 200 to 18,000 millimetres in diameter, in series and individual production. In order to guarantee sufficient preparation for the visit, please enquire at least eight weeks before the desired date of the plant tour. Teachers can only register for one group. The tour of the plant lasts approximately two and a half hours and the group size should not exceed 20 participants. The tours are conducted or accompanied by our own trainees. The tour is free of charge.

Career exploration days

As part of the career exploration days organised by schools, students have the opportunity to spend a day getting to know the Lippstadt plant and the industrial and machining mechanic apprenticeships. In particular, the students gain an insight into our training workshop, get to know our trainers and trainees, receive information about internships and the two apprenticeships and learn about the basic activities of the trainees and work processes.

If you are interested in a career exploration day, please send us your enquiry using our online application form.