Experience report Lisa-Marie Pleßer

My job: "The final touch"

My job: "The final touch"

Girl with blue T-shirt and brown hair, in the factory, cutting machine operator
Cutting machine operator

Even as a child, I loved to work with my hands and build different things made of wood together with my grandfather. At the vocational college, my technical interest was aroused by my advanced mechanical engineering course, and I completed a three-week internship and the Girls' Day in a mechanical engineering company.

I applied to thyssenkrupp rothe erde immediately after completing my technical school leaving exams and was already impressed by the production halls during the plant tour on the day of the job interview. Before I started my training as a metal cutting mechanic, I hadn't worked with metal and I only got to know all machining steps during my training. After completing my training, I am now employed as a polisher and give our rings the finishing touch.

My challenges

I am confronted with new challenges every day, especially in individual production. For each ring, I have to select the grinding stone and enter the values calculated from the drawing in the grinding screen. Individual programs are written for each job and the processing steps are very different. In between, I measure and check the workpiece and make sure that the tolerances are maintained. Very precise work is required here. Changing the grinding stone on my big machine is especially difficult. The stones are very heavy, indeed often too heavy for one person to lift them unaided. However, I can always count on the help of my colleagues in these situations.

Even at school I was interested in technical interconnections and complex machines. Today I am proud to be the only woman in my production hall who is allowed to operate the biggest machine.

My typical working day

Every day is different. Basically I work on the assignments one after the other, but important and urgent tasks can always come in between. Flexibility is required from the entire team. My main task is to grind the bearing surface as well as the radial and axial paths on which the roller bearings run. Last year I started a further training as a technician in order to expand my knowledge of design and structural engineering and to qualify myself for other fields of application. At thyssenkrupp rothe erde, I am given the opportunity to take the next step in my personal development and to arrange my job with the evening classes. I am very grateful for the flexibility and support.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for me …

… helpfulness! My colleagues are happy to help in situations where I am not physically strong enough. Exchanging ideas is important on many occasions. For example, we have solved a problem with the processing of a segment ring through technical discussion. Due to the joint considerations and the various inputs, we were quickly able to overcome the difficulties. The feeling of togetherness is also strengthened daily during the breaks. The highlight of my time at thyssenkrupp rothe erde was the Balak trip shortly after my training. The best trainees of a year may take part in a one-week excursion to a foreign subsidiary. In addition to a tour of the company and a visit to the local vocational school, various leisure activities such as a joint bowling evening were organized. At thyssenkrupp rothe erde, good performance is not only required but also rewarded. It was an interesting and varied week, which I will not forget.

Satisfaction and acceptance

I find it important that I enjoy my job and that I am accepted. At thyssenkrupp rothe erde I get the chance to try out different working steps and have to think independently about processes. The company and my job appealed to me and I have already recommended the training to my friends. A good friend has followed my recommendation and will be starting her training at thyssenkrupp rothe erde this year.