Several slewing bearings stacked on shelves in the warehouse

Our solutions in spare parts management

Spare parts

slewing bearing close-up

We mark our bearings with a material, drawing and serial number so that the products can be uniquely identified and assigned. In this way, we make it possible to supply spare parts for your slewing bearing without having to rework the technical details.

Our offer: spare parts offers, support for bearing identification, upgrade to other bearing variants


Packing process of a slewing bearing

In order to optimally protect your slewing bearing from environmental influences, we adapt the packaging if required to suit the transport conditions or the storage period.

Our offer: standard packaging, long-term packaging, sea transport packaging, crate packaging, packaging renewal.

Warranty extension

Inspection test of a slewing antifriction bearing

If you wish, we can offer you an individual warranty extension. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested.

Storage service

A Forklift truck between storage racks

To ensure that replacement bearings can be made available without delay or bottlenecks, sufficient stocks must be created. We support you in this process with a comprehensive storage service.

Our offer: Suitable storage facilities, unlimited storage period, Regular inspection of the packaging condition, Short-term supply.


A truck delivers a slewing bearing

A prompt and direct delivery saves you a great deal of organizational effort - especially in the range of bearing diameters over 2.5 meters. We deliver the bearing to you or directly to the construction site.

Our offer: Logistics for all diameter ranges, delivery according to almost all Incoterms, certification as authorized economic operator (AEO certification).

Additional service activities