Two hands in gloves screwing a fastener into a slewing bearing.

This is our service in detail

Connecting construction

Man with red safety clothing stands inside wind turbine

One of the important parameters is the evenness of the bearing connection surfaces. Depending on the size and type of bearing, flatness according to DIN 1101 must be maintained. Our experts are trained in the use of modern laser measuring devices. This allows us to assess on site whether your connection surface meets the requirements.

We assist you with: Measurement of the connecting surfaces up to a diameter of 25,000 mm, Any position of the connecting surface (horizontal / vertical / inclined), Planning of mechanical rework.


Man with safety gloves working on a slewing bearing

The primary goal during installation is to install the slewing bearing in compliance with the specified parameters so that it can be put into operation as quickly as possible.

We offer: Handling, bearing positioning, alignment of the gear teeth, bolting, setting the backlash, connection of the lubrication system.


A crane carries a load

Even after installation, there are still important work steps to be carried out.  

We support you with: Test runs, initial load recording, running characteristics, evaluation of the contact pattern of the gearing, basic measurements, relubrication.

Additional service activities