Man wearing safety gloves works on a slewing bearing

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Bearing exchange

Slewing bearing close-up

Exchanging bearings always requires downtime and thus causes high costs. We apply our wealth of experience to ensure that you can put your plant back into operation as quickly as possible.

We support you with: creation of schedules, loosening bolts or - if necessary - blasting nuts, removing the old bearing, measuring the bearing connection surfaces, positioning and bolting the new bearing recommissioning.


Inspection test of a slewing bearing

We inspect the dismantled bearing either directly at your side or at our factory. In the process, we determine the causes of the failure and identify repair options. You can use the knowledge we gain to optimize your bearing design. This applies not only to ongoing operations: even after accidental damage, we check your bearing for possible further use.

We offer: Failure detection, damage assessment, bearing repair, concept optimization.


Machining of a slewing bearing

Depending on the results of the inspection, there are various refurbishment options (RE-Fresh, RE-Pair or RE-Build). We coordinate the individual steps of the refurbishment with you and also take into account the economic aspects of the repair measures.

We support you with: manual or mechanical reworking of the raceway system or outer contours, reworking of the gearing, adaptation of new bearing rings, replacement of rolling elements, cages and seals, recertification.


Three men inspect a finished slewing bearing

As the technical development of slewing bearings is constantly evolving, there are optimization opportunities for bearings that have already been produced. We offer you an upgrade to state-of-the-art bearing concepts. For this purpose, we check and evaluate the technical fundamentals of your bearing and show you modification possibilities.

We assist you with: Technical testing, evaluation of optimization potentials, upgrade to state-of-the-art bearing concepts.

Additional service activities