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Our test benches

"Great things are created where theory meets practice."

The conducted tests are ranging from conventional service life tests to near-operational or highly accelerated service life tests (the so-called HAL test) to functional tests and customer acceptance tests in the climatic room using the original companion structure. In addition, we also support our customers in measurement campaigns on slewing bearings and in the installation and calibration of condition monitoring systems developed in-house.

Axial test  

stands for up to 4 m Ø

Main bearing test                           

rigs up to 20 MNm tilting moment and 5 m Ø

Pitch bearing test                           

rigs for up to 15 MNm pitch moment and 3 m Ø

Pitch & main bearing test           

rigs with pitch & hub tests up to 75 MNm approx. 5 m Ø

Due to the high level of vertical integration, the slewing bearings components of rings, rollers, balls and manufacturing and quality assurance processes are also developed and optimized. This is how, for example, by means of material developments, optimal features for the respective field of application can be achieved. This development is sometimes carried out in cooperation with universities and suppliers. The continuous development and inspection in the test centre enables the determination of slewing bearing of specific suitability.

In addition, further test rigs are available for slewing bearings up to approx. 3 m Ø for:

  • High and low temperature tests

  • Acoustic evaluation

  • High speed tests

These are supplemented by a large number of other test facilities for bearing components, such as:

  • Rolling elements

  • Lubricants

  • Seals

  • Cages

  • Coatings

Several balls in silver on a blue background

Balls as a component in our slewing bearings            

Several rollers in silver on a blue background

Rings as a component in our slewing bearings            

A glowing ring, being worked on and checked by a man in heat-protective clothing

rothe erde® rings as a component in slewing  bearings

Due to our expertise in production, the slewing bearing components such as rings, rollers and balls, as well as their manufacturing and quality assurance processes, are also the subject of development and optimization. For example, material developments are used to achieve optimum properties for the respective area of application. This development is partly carried out in cooperation with universities and suppliers. Continuous development and testing in the test center enables slewing bearings of specific suitability to be determined.