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thyssenkrupp rothe erde’s corporate culture

Company culture

We belong together. At every workplace. In each plant. In every country.

You can rely on us.

This sets us apart

This sets us apart

thyssenkrupp rothe erde has around 7,000 employees with thousands of different ways of life and cultures. But one thing unites us: We are a team. Because we work together, learn from one another, and develop together. We are fair. We respect each other and communicate openly. We say what we are doing. And we do what we say. This structure of values unites us and makes us successful.

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Our mission statement

Our mission statement

Our mission statement is our constitution, so to speak. We developed it together and therein formalised how we interact with our customers, colleagues, investors and society. This can be seen in our engagement, and we are proud of that.

It first becomes a culture when our employees can feel it. This is why we ask about it.

Internal employees

We at thyssenkrupp rothe erde are a team!

87 percent of our employees say: “As colleagues, we work well together to get out tasks done.” (Source: Employee survey 2016)

Employees - Communication

Here, not everyone does what they want. But everyone does what they love.

92 percent of our employees say: “I fully apply my knowledge and skills to my work.”
(Source: Employee survey 2016)

External employees

Efficiency and improvements are important to us!

84 percent of our employees say: “We are constantly working on making our processes as efficient as possible.” (Source: Employee survey 2016)


thyssenkrupp is our favourite employer

83 percent of our employees say: “I would recommend thyssenkrupp as an employer.”
(Source: Employee survey 2016)