Career opportunities for university graduates and students


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Direct entry as a graduate

Discover the full range of an international technology company and become a sought-after top performer in attractive projects from day one. How? It's really quite simple: Select "your" field of study from the entry-level positions on our online job board and apply: For a promising and varied future.

It goes without saying that new employees receive a detailed, systematic introduction to our product world as well as to the processes and structures of our company. In this way, we will integrate you into our team and support you in developing your full potential. In short: Direct entry is a made-to-measure start for talented people who know exactly what they want.

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Trainee programs

The all-round view in your department

When you come fresh from university or college, there are many doors open to you. One of the most exciting is our trainee program: Here you will be intensively prepared for future activities and locations. Broadly diversified programs offer you the opportunity to gain a wider view. You will pass through different stations and get to know new areas in this way. In this way you acquire extensive knowledge and create the basis for your personal network.

The aim of these programs is to prepare graduates and talented individuals with initial on-the-job experience for demanding specialist and management positions.

The difference compared to the classic direct entry is that the participants are immersed in our structures and working methods over a fixed period of 12 months. Most of the time, they go through different departments and stations in Germany and abroad. In addition, off-the-job training courses are used – perfectly adapted to the respective strengths and areas of development.

And what do direct entry and trainee programs have in common? As in all areas of Rothe Erde, attractive tasks await you, which you will master in a team.

University students

Internships - Gain your first practical experience as an intern

First insights

Even if you are interested in a basic internship before starting your studies or if you would like to gain practical experience through a specialist internship during your studies – we offer a wide range of opportunities. An internship at thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH gives you the chance to check what you have learned on the basis of real facts and to put it into new contexts. You will experience our specialists in their daily work, contribute your knowledge, skills and personality and make exciting contacts.

What we expect from you

Good school-leaving exams and academic achievements, above-average commitment and enjoyment of the task at hand. Specific professional qualifications and the conditions for the internship can be found in the respective announcements. You will get a first insight into the work at Rothe Erde through the Experience reports from our employees.

You should meet the following requirements

  • Appropriate university or university of applied sciences studies

  • Specialized interest, commitment and team player qualities

  • Career aspirations within the industry

  • At least 3 to 6 months' time for a specialist internship in which you are fully available

This is what your application documents should contain

  • A covering letter in which you describe your motivation for applying to us on a maximum of one page and the planned period of your internship. In the case of speculative applications, please also indicate the field of activity you are interested in.

  • Curriculum vitae in which you list the most important stations in a table. This includes school, training, studies, major subjects, relevant internships, stays abroad, special knowledge, foreign languages learned, etc.

  • Current copies of certificates (school-leaving certificate, current overview of grades)

  • Documents on completed internships, if applicable

  • Awards or scholarships, etc., if applicable

  • If applicable, documents on additionally acquired knowledge: Courses, language courses etc.

Find your place in the company as a working student

With practical relevance into the future

If you are a student of economics, technology or information technology and are interested in immersing yourself in the professional world as part of an innovative and internationally active company, then you have come to the right place.

Whether during your studies or during the semester break, we offer you the opportunity to combine your knowledge from your studies with valuable practical experience.

And who knows? Perhaps you are already laying the foundation for a career start at thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH by working as a student trainee. You can get a first impression through the Experience reports from our employees.

Write your thesis with us

Topics from the practice

Whether Bachelor, Master or project thesis: In particular, you will receive comprehensive support in the areas of technology, research and development or business. At the same time you can actively contribute to Rothe Erde.

Our Point of contact are looking forward to receiving your application and would be pleased to inform you about the individual support options.

You will get a first insight into the work in our company through the Experience reports from our employees.

Five tips to help you get started

Recognize the value of true teamwork!

  • Those who are passionate about and fully committed to their work can make a big difference at Rothe Erde. Therefore, you should stand behind both what you do and your team. This includes being open-minded towards your colleagues, being helpful and willing to help and taking a step back. Remember this: No one can be familiar with everything on the first day. Give yourself time to grow into your new environment! The better you are trained, the more gratefully your suggestions will be received.

Get active feedback!

  • We understand that it is important for you to be an important part of us from the very first moment. Nevertheless, your team members are also aware that no one is born knowing everything. You don't risk your status just because you don't know what to do. Cooperation at Rothe Erde is not just an empty phrase. So don't be afraid to question your performance with other people! Anyone who grows in criticism shows commitment, passion and humanity.

Try to understand your environment!

  • knows what to do. Discover the goals and composition of your department! In discussions with colleagues, you will learn a lot about customs, former projects and the background of our company. Only whoever understands Rothe Erde as a technology company, recognizes connections and follows our common path can grow optimally with us. Remember this: "You're one of us."

Use sources of information and Create a network!

  • Look beyond the horizon! Contact with colleagues from other departments can be useful for your career. To make sure that everyone at Rothe Erde works together better, we repeatedly offer interdepartmental and intercompany exchange opportunities. Of course you know what you can do. Nobody's perfect. But by working closely with your helpful colleagues, you will get better and better. Guaranteed!

Professional development possibilities

Qualified employees make our success a reality

Rothe Erde focuses on professional and personal qualification. For this reason, we offer our employees comprehensive training opportunities beyond their initial period of employment: In addition to a large number of seminars, which give you the opportunity to expand your Group-wide network, we also offer specialist training and workshops on working methods, communication and project management as well as language courses.

University graduates

Online application– Julia Reers, Tel: +49 231/186-2811

Student traineeships

Online application – Kerstin Schulte, Tel: +49 2941/741-3594

Technical internships and dissertations

Online application – Lukas Reetz, Tel: +49 231/186-2389

University graduates - Online application – Julia Reers, Tel: +49 231/186-2811

Student traineeships - Online application – Jessica Kurtenbach, Tel: +49 231/186-2626

Technical internships and dissertations - Online application – Lukas Reetz, Tel: +49 231/186-2389