Experience report - Tarik Calti

My job: Sales & Distribution – the combination of different areas of interest

Man, black hair, blue shirt, black glasses
Account Manager at thyssenkrupp rothe erde Germany GmbH

As for many pupils and students, choosing a career path was an important decision in my life. The insecurity regarding possible fields of activity paired with the indecision between studying economics or engineering, gave me a headache for a long time. After completing my master’s degree in sales engineering and gaining practical experience at thyssenkrupp rothe erde, I can now draw the conclusion that I have made the right decision. Working in the sales department makes it possible for me to combine my passion for economic matters with my strong interest in technical products.

My challenges

In general, the greatest challenge is to assert yourself against the competition. Due to globalization, products can be procured all over the world, which increases international competition. For my work in sales, this means that I have to ensure that internal processes are handled optimally in order to satisfy our customers’ needs. This requires a high degree of communication skills and intensive project management, as different working methods and cultures often come together.

With regard to sales, there also is a major challenge in adapting the firmly anchored sales structures that have emerged over the years to the dynamic framework conditions of the market. Implementing changes while considering innovative developments is often lengthy and tedious.

I act as a communication interface between the customer and our internal departments such as engineering, production and shipping. This requires a high degree of communication skills and intensive project management, as different working methods and cultures often come together.

My typical working day

I start each day with a rough review of my email inbox and then I prioritize them. The typical working day generally includes the preparation of offers and the control of orders with all associated processes such as the preparation of price determinations, the recording and tracking of orders or the coordination of shipping processes.

Since the working day of a sales representative is largely controlled by customers, these routine tasks are often supplemented by unforeseen inquiries for urgent spare part projects, calls or customer emergencies. As a result, there is always uncertainty about what additional tasks will arise.

Nevertheless, strategic tasks such as the acquisition of customer and competitor information and the analysis of sales data can be listed as further typical activities at this point.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for me …

to work in close cooperation with functionaries from all departments and hierarchical levels to achieve the company's goals. Because tasks can only be effectively mastered through cooperation and a pronounced exchange of information.

I experience my personal “together moments” at thyssenkrupp rothe erde in particular through the trust that is placed in me and the responsible tasks assigned. This allows me to contribute my own ideas and at the same time to enrich myself with the knowledge of employees from different functions.

Realizing your potential, having fun, being happy

Employment is an essential part of life. That is why it was very important to me personally to prepare my career entry intensively and to make well thought-out decisions in this regard. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to join thyssenkrupp rothe erde as a working student.