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Slewing bearings for current power stations and tidal power stations

Tidal energy

The powerful force of the tides is used in tidal energy. The benefits are self-evident: The regular currents allow for accurate forecasts and a consistent supply of energy. Moreover, in contrast to solar or wind energy, this is not dependent on weather conditions.

Current and tidal power stations’ placement in the sea puts high strain on them. This is partially caused by the salty water, and partially by the powerful ebbs and flows of the tide. Thus, the impermeability and protection against corrosion of components and bearings are of utmost importance when building the the systems.

This is where thyssenkrupp rothe erde brings its know-how and years of experience in the offshore industry to the table: We use special sealing systems with seal running surfaces made of stainless steel. Our slewing bearings absorb all axial and radial forces as well as any resulting moments of tilt in one single ready-to-install, self-retaining bearing unit. The compact model, the excellent power to weight ratio, the open centre and the optional integrated gearing make them the perfect bearings for current power plants. Either yaw, pitch or main bearings are used, depending on the type of system.

Our solutions in the tidal energy sector