Slewing bearings in the field of wind energy

Wind energy

Wind energy is a crucial contributor to the energy revolution, and carbon dioxide-free energy conversion is playing an ever increasing role in this. Germany is not only a technological leader in this field, but it also uses wind as its number one alternative energy source.

Our work in the field of renewable energies makes thyssenkrupp rothe erde a reliable partner for all of the key wind turbine manufacturers. This has been the case since the very beginning of the industry. Thanks to intense research and development work, our products are now used in both on and offshore turbines around the world. We are constantly working to ensure that our products and our customers are able to make a contribution to ensuring a more environmentally-friendly future.

As far as bearings and rings for wind turbines are concerned, we develop customised solutions: These extend from pitch, yaw and main bearings through to rings for the construction of the tower and gears.

Our solutions in the wind energy sector

Our reference sites for wind turbines and wind farms

Windparkreferenzen in der Nordsee

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