We know no limits – only challenges.

As the global market leader, we lead the way - innovatively and individually. As part of this, we develop solutions for the most diverse applications which all have something in common: They transcend the ordinary. From exploring the universe, the exploitation of raw material sources in the open sea, through to mine or tunnel excavations deep under the earth - our products help turn visions into reality and ensure projects around the world are successful under the most difficult conditions.

Are you already interested in the solutions of tomorrow? Then view a selection of our most spectacular lighthouse projects here.

Crane at a harbor, sunset

Five Meter Bearing for XXL Loads

With its height of 125 meters, the XXL assembly crane surpasses even the tallest buildings in the port city of Wismar. It can effortlessly load assembly elements weighing up to 75 tons from the largest ships.

Thanks to the rothe erde® roller bearing, the rotational movement and secure lifting of even the heaviest loads are possible from various angles. The bearing itself weighs approximately 8.5 tons and has a diameter of 5,000 mm.

Bridge, dark sky with clouds, wind turbines

The Largest Turning Bridge in Europe

With a length of 130 meters, the 'Verbindingsbrug' in the Belgian port of Antwerp-Bruges is the largest turning bridge in Europe. Including foot and bicycle paths, it measures ten meters in width and weighs approximately 2,200 tons. To connect people and ensure the secure exchange of goods, the bridge opens and closes up to 30 times a day.

This is made possible by a rothe erde® slewing bearing (Ø 7,000 mm | Weight: 17 tons), ensuring a reliable, smooth, and efficient rotation. The bearing is also designed to withstand the harsh maritime environment, ensuring that the bridge will function safely for many years to come.

Round house, blue sky

A House that rotates 360 Degrees

Thanks to the double-row four-point bearing with an outer diameter of 2,700 mm from Rothe Erde, the rotating house Kylie can turn infinitely - always following the sun. The natural resource of the sun can be more effectively utilized to harness heat, light, and energy optimally. In addition, sun exposure is beneficial for mental well-being and overall health.

The rotation is so gentle that one does not notice the turning movement inside the house.

Berlin's World Clock and television tower

A rothe erde® Bearing under Monument Protection

Since 1969, the world clock has been turning on Berlin's Alexanderplatz, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The world clock has always been the central meeting point in the city for both Berliners and tourists. In its shadow, the course of history changed. In 2015, the world clock was placed under monument protection, including its technology. For over 50 years, a rothe erde® slewing bearing has ensured the smooth operation of the iconic timepiece on Alexanderplatz, reliably ticking away thanks to the highest quality standards, just like clockwork.

Christmas pyramid at a christmas market

Christmas Magic at the Christmas Market

Thanks to the rothe erde® turntables, 35 Christmas pyramids across Germany spin during the Christmas season. They have become central meeting points and gathering spots at Christmas markets everywhere, like here at the Bochum Christmas market. The four-story pyramid is 12.5 meters tall, approximately 7.5 meters wide, weighs around 10 tons, and completes half a rotation per minute.

More references from Rothe Erde

big ship on the ocean during strong thunderstorm

350,000 tons under control

As part of an ultra-deep offshore project off the coast of Angola, oil deposits distributed over an area of 800 square kilometres and situated up to 1,950 metres below sea level, are being tapped. Around 300 kilometres of underwater pipelines connect two Floating Production Storage and Offloading Units (FPSO), in which both of the world’s largest slewing bearings are used. These roller-bearing slewing rings with a diameter of 18 metres allow for ships to be safely connected to the seabed and thus, to turn around risers. To achieve this level of precision under the harshest conditions, the gigantic bearings were individually designed and manufactured, in close coordination with the customer.
four antennas under a starry sky

Precision over light years

The radio telescope, ALMA, is located around 5,000 metres above sea level on the Chajnator Plateau in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The 66 antennae with a diameter of up to 12 metres can even precisely locate and track stars and planets light years away. Yaw and elevation bearings enable the precise aiming of the antennae under extreme operational conditions: 70 percent air humidity, high salt content and changes in temperature of up to 40° Celsius.
Big Boat on Sea

A quantum sea

Several products made by Rothe Erde can be found on one of the largest cruise ships in the world: In addition to roller bearing slewing rings for the rudder propellers and coupling rings for the gearbox unit, we have supplied slewing bearings and rings for the lookout capsule, “North Star”. The capsule made of glass can be pivoted 250° thanks to our bearing, providing passengers with a breathtaking 90-metre-high view over the sea. The main challenge when building this was the need for heavy loads to be moved in the smallest of spaces. A special sealing system and a sea water-resistant layer were developed to prevent the salty sea water from causing corrosion.
tunnel boring machine from the front with two men

The largest drilling machine in the world

In order to drill Hong Kong’s deepest, longest, and largest underwater tunnel the largest tunnel boring machine was used. The gigantic mixshield with a diameter of 17.63 meter, is driven by a rothe erde® slewing bearing. The production of this type of bearing takes place based on a concrete load spectrum, consisting of axial and radial forces, resulting tilting moments and eccentric axial or radial forces. It is also important to take the speed and duty cycles, as well as the required service life of such a high-performance bearing into consideration.
Excavators in front of a mountain

7,000 tons in movement

With a tare weight of 700 tons and a bucket volume of over 40 cubic metres, the excavator moves 7,000 tons per hour on average. Rothe Erde supports difficult opencast mining assignments with its special bearings, which withstand the harsh operational conditions, and whose reliability is not impacted by dust or dirt.
Steel production

Roller bearings in a new dimension

One third of Czech steel production is represented by Třinec Iron and Steel Works. This makes it all the more necessary to avoid unnecessary systems downtime. Rothe Erde supplies a customised solution for steelworks converters with a special two-part design which makes installation during operation possible. Since the machine is operated under extreme temperature conditions, the double-row tapered roller bearing is also particularly resistant to heat.
Offshore wind turbines

The largest main bearing in the world

We are driving the energy revolution: Rothe Erde manufactures slewing bearings especially for the main shafts of wind turbines - on- and offshore. The currently largest serially produced main bearing in the world has been manufactured by Rothe Erde. It has an outer diameter of 4,300 millimeters and has been ordered from us by well-known customers from all over the world. Maximum quality and reliability are the most important features of our rothe erde® main bearings. Through cutting-edge solutions like the TRB-TRB, we consistently provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology.