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Antennae and telescopes

Telescopes are used to explore space and to observe distant objects. Among others, they serve to monitor satellites and space debris, and also to measure the earth, for example, when earth plate shifts have to be determined. In this, a distinction is made between optical telescopes and radio telescopes.

Telescopes carry out their task in all climate zones. From the rainforest to the South Pole, from the hot plains to the dry, hot mountains. So that telescopes remain operational over the long term, the bearings used in them must be perfectly precise, highly rigid, and dispose of low and even rotational resistances.

An antenna is used for the recording, identification and tracking of objects which are up to 1,000 kilometres away. This task must be reliable under all weather conditions and be carried out with high precision, whether stationary or mobile, permanently rotating or pivoting. Radio antennae serve to monitor ship and air traffic. The weather radar supplies us with daily weather forecasts by exploring bad weather fronts and measuring wind speeds.

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