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rothe erde® rings

Thanks to our 150 years of experience in the steel forming and mechanical machining industries, rothe erde® rings shine through special performance. With the know-how from freeform and swaging, we were able to perfectly apply the technology needed for seamlessly rolled rings (radial-axial-rolling mill technology) from the beginning and to continuously develop this. This manufacturing process offers crucial economic and technical advantages, in contrast to other processes, such as using thick plates in manufacturing. In particular, the typical tangential fibre orientation for rolled rings ensures isotropic mechanical properties around the entire circumference of the ring. thyssenkrupp rothe erde offers

  • numerous manufacturing options thanks to a manufacturing area with an outer diameter of between 300 and 8,000 mm.

  • Short reaction times by stocking the most common materials in different dimensions
    (this includes some aluminium alloys).

  • Customised manufacturing thanks to material qualities such as ingot and continuous casting, but also ESU and forged material.

  • High quality guaranteed thanks to state-of-the-art inspection settings.

Besides their use in slewing bearings, rothe erde® rings’ applications range from use in all industrial machinery, automotive engineering, aerospace facilities, through to wind turbines and tunnel boring machines. This diversity is primarily made possible by the fact our rings are machined in-house. The experience gained over many years enables thyssenkrupp rothe erde to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s market challenges.

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