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psl® toroidal roller bearings

Toroidal roller bearings

psl® toroidal roller bearings’ special design combines the self-adjusting features of spherical roller bearings with the possibility of the axial displacement of bearing rings typical of cylindrical roller bearings. psl® toroidal roller bearings are able to offset a potential misalignment of inner and outer bearing rings within a range of up to 0.5° or
30 angular minutes. The even distribution of tension is a significant advantage of psl® toroidal roller bearings. The operational loads are distributed across the entire length of the rollers.

The optimum load distribution achieved by our psl® toroidal roller bearings leads to low operating temperatures, lower tension in the bearing components, and to reduced vibrations and, thus, a maximum service life duration.

psl® toroidal roller bearings are particularly suited to applications with high radial loads or excessive shaft deflection, and, as already mentioned, in cases of misaligned bearing rings. psl® toroidal roller bearings were developed primarily as main bearings for multi megawatt wind turbines.