Filming in dizzy heights

Three men in safety clothing on a wind turbine, one is filming.

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thyssenkrupp rothe erde bearings take center stage for a marketing video. We visited them on the set – a wind turbine.

Green pastures, sheep, and corn fields as far as the eye can see. Look any harder and you might see Denmark and the nearby Baltic coast on the horizon. “So much land,” says Bernd Voss. Standing on the nacelle of a wind turbine, 80 meters above sea level, he has an excellent view of Germany’s northernmost region. The wind is blowing hard up here. You can feel the nacelle rocking back and forth like a lookout tower on a ship’s mast over a grass-green sea. But this mast is crowned by a massive rotor measuring 101 meters in diameter.

Voss doesn’t have time to enjoy the view. The Engineering Team Leader from the Lippstadt plant and a service technician are here to act for the camera in this confined space. “OK, now I want you to look meaningfully into the distance,” says the cameraman. At this dizzying height, he’s suspended from the side of the nacelle by two cables as he looks into the camera. Voss and the technician do as they’re told: look meaningfully. The cameraman is satisfied. “OK, let’s continue.”

This scene is part of a new advertising clip that you can watch here:

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