Slewing bearings in construction machines

Cranes and lifting devices

The central function of cranes and lifting devices is to securely transport goods and people in ever more sophisticated ways. Here, the following principle applies: Larger, higher, faster, further - all this, with heavier loads. This principle applies irrespective of whether a wind turbine is to be built on the high seas, ships are to be efficiently loaded and unloaded, or whether a record high skyscraper is to be erected

For many decades, rings and slewing bearings made by thyssenkrupp rothe erde have been reliably connecting elements of cranes for all purposes and sizes. In collaboration with our customers, we develop components which meet even the most unusual of requirements, and simultaneously deliver an economic advantage for you. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are a strong partner in the aftermarket and service sectors. We offer worldwide deliveries of the spare parts you require, and experienced service technicians, both on and offshore.

Our solutions in the field of cranes and lifting devices

Deck cranes

Mobile harbour crane

Handling and shipyard cranes

Gantry cranes

Offshore cranes

Revolving tower crane

Mobile cranes/truck-mounted cranes

Heavy duty/special cranes

Railway cranes

Forest cranes

Lorry loading cranes

Lifting platforms

Rotating crossheads / container turning device