Experience report Mustafa Sünger

My job: Responsibility from the beginning

My job: Responsibility from the beginning

Young man with beard and black hair, in blue polo shirt and work clothes
Trainee industrial mechanic

As a child I made a lot of things and built my own go-kart with my father. This aroused my interest in craftsmanship at an early age. On the recommendation of friends I applied to thyssenkrupp rothe erde and immediately after finishing school I started my training as an industrial mechanic. As a trainee, you take on responsible tasks from the very beginning. We make things for our own production and not only for training purposes. It makes me proud to contribute to the finished product with my work.

My challenges

In addition to preparing us for our professional career, we also get the opportunity to pursue our own innovative ideas and interests. Participation in the "Jugend forscht" competition was a particular challenge. Together with two trainees, I have developed an automatic deburring system for small steel profiles to facilitate physically demanding jobs and save time. Our machine is a completely new invention. We have independently carried out an invention report and risk assessment as well as preparing drawings. During the project, cooperation with other departments was particularly important, and they encouraged and supported us all in our endeavors. Today, the machine is in the training workshop and is used almost daily. I am particularly pleased that we trainees are able to implement exciting projects and contribute to the future with our own ideas. And success is not an isolated case. Only recently we took second place in the German Youth Employment Protection Award.

In the training workshop of thyssenkrupp rothe erde, we trainees all work together in one team, and there is a sense of togetherness as in a large family. I'm happy to be part of this team.

My typical working day

Every day of training is varied and brings new tasks. In the morning I pick up the work order for the day from my instructor. In addition to repairs and new production of individual parts, special tasks are often also on the daily schedule. This includes, for example, independently carrying out plant tours for visiting groups and schools. I particularly enjoy looking after interns and helping out with the schoolchildren's working group. The different tasks and areas of application motivate me to come to work every day.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for me …

… togetherness! In the training workshop you feel like in a large school class. From the beginning of the training, trainees in all years learn and work together. This not only strengthens the team spirit, but also creates friendships. As newcomers, we have been well integrated into the existing community, and the older trainees are on an equal footing in all matters. This team spirit is especially important for projects, as we can only successfully solve challenging tasks as a team. I would like to emphasize the good relationship with the trainers. They always have an open ear and function as a contact person in every situation. I very much appreciate the pleasant working atmosphere in the training workshop. One highlight is the joint excursions, during which we visit other Group sites and get to know the trainees on site.

Appreciation and future prospects

When choosing my training position, it was important to me to be treated fairly as a trainee and to lay the foundation for my future. These requirements are met at thyssenkrupp rothe erde. Training offers many opportunities for further education, and we are gradually being prepared for future challenges. From day one, you are integrated into the team as a fully fledged member and appreciated.