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Experience report - Michela Magli

My Background / my job

My Background / my job

Michela Magli, against a blue and white background, wears a white top, brown blazer and necklace.
Head of Procurement and Logistics at thyssenkrupp rothe erde Italy

After finishing my diploma in business and languages, I decided to expand my skills around software development. I started my career as a programmer at a local company. However, my professional goal was to be able to use in my job the language skills I acquired during my education.

Fortunately, I received an offer from thyssenkrupp rothe erde Italy to work as an assistant in the executive office - the perfect offer for me. It was a great opportunity for me to work in an international company where I could collaborate with colleagues from other countries. That's how my career in our Group began - now more than 25 years ago!

One of the main objectives of our company is to identify and meet the needs of the market, which are constantly changing. For this reason, thyssenkrupp rothe erde Italy has adapted its organization several times. I am a flexible person and new challenges have never deterred me. This was the samen case in 2011: I was offered a position in the sales department, where I initially worked in the back office before becoming Area Manager responsible for key accounts.

Due to my desire to constantly improve and my openness to new tasks, I successfully applied for the position as Head of Procurement and Logistics in 2020. In addition to the substantive issues that this role entails, I love working in a company that supports ambitious employees and gives them the opportunity to develop.

My challenges

Being responsible for the timely procurement of services and materials in the right quantities, at the best prices, means being able to lead a team efficiently and facing important decisions every day.

It is stimulating every day to work with our suppliers to find the best solutions. We strive for long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships, also in order to meet our company-wide high quality standards. These challenges make my job really interesting!

My typical working day

While all workdays are different, there are topics and routines that are on the agenda every day. Among other things, these include coordinating with my team on various topics: providing support with regard to decisions made independently or with regard to team-internal, joint and company-wide goals and the distribution of tasks and responsibilities.

In addition, I am in close contact with our production site. This is the only way I can better understand the concerns and needs of the plant and react to them from a "purchasing" point of view. Externally, I am on a daily basis with our suppliers looking for potential savings and negotiating with them to get the best products and services at the best conditions.

Our slogan “engineering. tomorrow. together” means to me …

For me, Engineering means working with innovative solutions and harnessing the wonderful power of the skills of our competent people. Tomorrow to me means thinking about our future and the future of our children while respecting the environment. Together means to me that we are a team. Only a strong and solid team can achieve all the company’s goals by satisfying their own needs as well as those of the company.

My employer Rothe Erde

As world market leader, Rothe Erde is future-proof with its innovations and a loyal partner at our customers' side. Our company is also able to retain employees around the world for longer than average. Know-how, team spirit and innovation are the key to our successful company history!

Only a company that knows how to constantly adapt and change can guarantee successful development over the years. But the same flexibility should also be shown by the employees: All the tasks I have had to cope with over the past 25 years have taught me that you don't have to be afraid of change. Change must be seen as an opportunity to grow by learning to accept new and exciting challenges and to learn and grow from them.