Experience report Lena Maria Senges

My job: Large machines and manual skills

My job: Large machines and manual skills

Young woman in the factory, wearing safety gear, looks smilingly into the camera
Training as industrial mechanic

I used to help my father in his garage and work with him on cars. Even as a teenager I knew that I wanted to work in professional trades. However, my path did not lead directly to thyssenkrupp rothe erde. After graduating from high school, I started my training as a mechatronics technician. However, I quickly realized that my passion was not limited to repairing cars. I wanted to think in larger dimensions and learn skills in different areas. Even during the interview I had a positive impression and the pleasant atmosphere appealed to me. When I was accepted by thyssenkrupp rothe erde, a long-held dream came true. I'm glad I took the leap and today I'm part of a large corporation.

My challenges

I was thrilled to work with the many different lathes and milling machines. I had no previous experience in the use of self-running machines and learned all the steps from the very beginning. If questions arise, I can always count on the help of the other trainees. The trainers attach great importance to getting to know as many different processes as possible and working on special assignments. Particularly in one-off production, we demand and train specific skills. At the same time, the instructors leave us enough freedom to try out work steps for ourselves. Even during our training we appreciate the international orientation and have the opportunity to acquire specialist language skills in an English course.

As a woman, it inspires me especially to complete my training in a traditionally male domain. At thyssenkrupp rothe erde, integration and appreciation in the team are a matter of course from day one. There is a long tradition of putting equal opportunities into practice here every day!

My typical working day

In the training workshop, we learn new skills every day and process various orders for further processing in the company. The focus is on responsibility and flexibility. I particularly enjoy passing on my acquired knowledge, for example when supervising interns and the schoolchildren's working group, as well as teaching new trainees. Attending professional shows is also a good opportunity to tell interested students about their personal experiences. I would like to emphasize that the health of our employees is very important to the company. For this reason, all trainees attend a course on back training once a week. In addition, we take part in health seminars lasting several days each year, during which we receive tips on healthy nutrition, for example. In the training at thyssenkrupp rothe erde, everything is simply thought of and I feel completely at ease.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for me …

… integration into the group! In the training workshop, our team consists of trainees with different previous knowledge and educational qualifications. Nevertheless, we always act together. As a union workplace representative, I am a contact person myself and represent the interests of the trainees. The coherence is also evident in the preparation of the exams, as we discuss the solutions to the exercises together and support each other in questions and if anything is unclear. Learning together in a group encourages my motivation and inspires me. The trainers also prepare us for the practical and theoretical examination during our working hours. The very good examination results show that the training concept is working. I am very grateful for this comprehensive support.

Recognition and individual advancement

thyssenkrupp rothe erde is open to women's careers, and both recognition and appreciation are provided. With my training, I am laying the foundation for my further development and pursuing my passion for craftsmanship. I can only recommend the training to anyone. It is an indescribably instructive time that I don't want to miss.