Experience report Julia and Mario Möbes

Our job: Passion for technical interconnections

Our job: Passion for technical interconnections

Man with black t-shirt, glasses and bald head and a girl with glasses and blond hair, both look smiling at the camera and give each other fists.
Training as machining mechanic and lathe operator

Julia Möbes: Working at thyssenkrupp is a family tradition. My grandfather was employed at the Lippstadt site; my father and I are currently working in the same hall. In my childhood I built wooden birdhouses with my grandfather and discovered my interest in craftsmanship. During my schooldays I did an internship in a print shop, where I saw big machines for the first time. Already at school I took part in technology lessons and I enjoy working with different tools. My father supported me in my career and showed me his job at the family day. I gained my first practical experience at thyssenkrupp by participating in the schoolchildren's working group and the Girls' Day. After finishing secondary school I applied to thyssenkrupp for a training job as a machining mechanic. I completed the application process independently and made the decision to carry out my training at thyssenkrupp on my own.

Mario Möbes: Of course, it makes me proud that my daughter chose the same company as I did then. I have a very good memory of my own training period here. Julia made her career choice on her own. She should go her own way, and I'll be happy to support her. My own career at thyssenkrupp began after finishing secondary school with a training as a carousel turner. Since then, I have been working for thyssenkrupp at the Lippstadt site and have worked through various stations in the company such as shipping as well as turning, straightening and drilling in different production halls. Even as a child I liked to tinker around with cars. At school I did an internship as a lathe operator and gained my first experiences with metal. For a year I worked at another location and got to know the work processes in another plant. During this time a close friendship developed with a colleague and this still exists today.

It is important to me that my daughter pursues her own interests. I am happy to support her on her way. I was very pleased when she decided to train at thyssenkrupp. Today we even work in the same production hall. I'm very proud of Julia!

Our challenges

Julia Möbes: At the beginning of my training I worked for the first time on a conventional lathe and a CNC machine and was immediately impressed. Also interesting was the cooperation on the world record bearing, for which I was allowed to cut some of the rollers to length. A special highlight was the cooperation with my father. At the end of my training I was working for a short time in the same area as my father and learned turning from him. It was a unique action and my father taught me a lot. I also enjoy working with interns or schoolchildren of the working group. Also carrying out plant tours and attending professional shows are a successful change to the daily work routine in the training workshop. During an English course I was able to train my language skills and acquire special terms from the company. I am currently learning about my target position and can get a comprehensive picture of my future working environment. The processes differ from the activities in the training workshop and I get a much more intensive insight into a special process. In addition, the machines in production are larger and more complex than in the training workshop.

Mario Möbes: The assignments in the various departments and production halls were particularly challenging. During my career at thyssenkrupp I discovered the variety of products and worked on very small rings as well as large rings with diameters of up to 8 meters. Due to the different activities in turning, drilling and straightening I can work pretty much anywhere. An exciting time was my assignment in Dortmund, where I experienced the different production processes at another location. I have been a safety officer since 2007 and regularly attend training sessions to monitor progress. At thyssenkrupp, safety at work and the well-being of our employees have top priority. I really enjoy this responsible task.

Our typical working day

Julia Möbes: During my training I learned something new every day and besides rings I also produced other parts for the company. Here I worked very flexibly and closely with the other trainees. In my target department after the training, I have a clearly structured daily routine, which results mainly from the series production for the wind turbines in my production hall. There, I am responsible for two drilling machines on which we machine different ring sizes. My tasks include setting up the machines and measuring and turning the rings. It is a good feeling to take over a work step independently.

Mario Möbes: By working in different stations in the company I got to know different daily routines and structures. In single-part production, you have to think a lot about the work steps, calculate and check them yourself and make decisions about machining with special tools. The focus is on flexibility and adherence to deadlines. In my current department I work in serial production and have a structured daily routine. My tasks include the maintenance of the machine and changing the tools for the respective job. The handover meeting with colleagues during a shift change is an integral part of the daily routine and represents an important exchange of information on the current production status.

"engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for us …

Julia Möbes: … cohesion between the trainees and a familiar atmosphere! In training, all trainees pursue similar interests and perform tasks in a team. We help each other and have formed a learning group to prepare for the final examination. Especially the joint activities such as the barbecue after the summer holidays, the common breaks, the Christmas party and the excursions to other locations have brought us together as a group. Over the course of time, close friendships have developed and a "feeling of togetherness" has developed.

Mario Möbes: When I think back to my own training here, I associate values similar to those of Julia with that time. Today my view has changed somewhat and I see a stronger overall context. For me, "Together" means that we as a whole can harmonize and work together successfully. I feel like I'm part of a large team that can only function through the interaction of different departments.

Family tradition, satisfaction and appreciation

Julia Möbes: My father is a guide for me, someone who always supports me with his many years of experience. Nevertheless, he leaves me enough freedom and encourages me to make independent decisions. Looking back, it was the right choice to complete my training at thyssenkrupp and join the family tradition.

Mario Möbes: I'm very proud of my daughter. We share the company's common values and I am delighted that she has made a success of her job and is happy. I will continue to support her development and offer her my advice. I hope that we will continue to work together for a long time and that we will continue to integrate as a team.