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Janetta Hlaváčová

Woman with dark hair, wearing a red cardigan and a scarf, book in hand, standing in a production hall
Logistics and Storage - customs department at thyssenkrupp rothe erde Slovakia a.s.

My Background / my job

My path to my current employment and work was shaped from a young age. As a schoolgirl I was already interested in my brother's technical drawings. I decided to study mechanical engineering and during my studies, I practiced my skills at my current employer, which interested me very much. After completing the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering, I decided to continue in this direction and started working in the bearing production as a quality controller. Later I moved on and I was responsible for inspecting manufactured gauges and tools.  After years of experience, I had a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and make another important career move to the logistics and warehouse management department where I have been working as a customs declarant for 11 years.

My challenges

I am a flexible person and new challenges don't discourage me, but they push me forward. Different tasks make my job interesting and non-stereotypical. They are a motivation and an opportunity to learn something new every day. I like to communicate with people, which helps me when working together with my colleagues across different departments, and also when cooperating with external companies providing transport or customs matters. In this job, it is very important to deal with tasks and make decisions operationally. Any change in the EU regulations must be applied to both customs and internal processes. We have to deal with customers' requirements so that the products are delivered on time according to their requirements.

My typical working day

No two working days are the same and they do not follow the same pattern. In the morning, I come to the office and check my e-mails to see what needs to be completed and what new tasks need to be prepared. All duties, whether exports or imports within the EU and also outside the EU, customs clearance, and issuance of Certificates of Origin, I handle according to priority. Even if the loading and unloading are planned in advance, it is not always possible to be sure that the truck will arrive on time, as the transport is affected by the movement of trucks from the customs office, weather, traffic, and rush hours. Everything does not always go the way I want it to. So I have to be patient and also able to adapt to suddenly changing conditions and circumstances.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together to me means...

... teamwork and the vision of a successful future that comes with it. Working together, complementing each other, and achieving the goals is the priority of thyssenkrupp rothe erde Slovakia. Each of us contributes to our work and competence. We help each other and learn from one another. In good times and bad, we are one big team and we are all on the same boat with the sense of fellowship.

My employer Rothe Erde

I appreciate that our company focuses on providing the best and safest working environment for its employees, supporting their education and professional growth. It offers an interesting social program and opportunities for cultural and sporting activities and does not forget to include family members. Despite having an age-diverse work team, like many others, we can meet outside of work and strengthen our good relations, which are important for the effective functioning and creation of values and loyalty to our company.