Experience report Markus Bömeke

My activity

My activity

Man with brown hair and beard, in blue jacket and blanks in background
Maintenance technical employee

My field of activity is the planning, optimization and coordination of plant facilities and production sites as well as their repairs and the associated construction site equipment.

I have successfully completed my training as an electronics technician in our company. After completing my training, I gained some years of professional experience in maintenance and decided to study for an evening course as a state-certified electrical engineer. During my studies I was employed in the field of thermal engineering and gained further experience and knowledge in the field of measurement and control technology. After completing my evening studies, I was taken on as a technical employee in the maintenance department. Here I am responsible for the maintenance, new construction and optimization of the plants as well as the production plant. Repairs and site coordination is my daily business. The creation, ordering and administration of spare parts and spare parts as well as the planning of large construction sites are also part of this. For this purpose, it is important to make precise arrangements with the production line and maintenance or external company personnel.

My challenge

I have to react quickly and flexibly to unplanned events, such as problems on construction sites or difficulties with the delivery of required spare parts. It is very important to recognize situations early on and to take appropriate countermeasures so that the operation does not stop. I must also ensure that occupational safety is not neglected. In order to prevent this from happening, I must pay particular attention to coordinating with the people concerned.

My typical working day

No day is like another: After checking my e-mails, I hold discussions with foremen of the Maintenance department in order to maintain the status of the repair measures. Afterwards I go to my construction sites in the factory to get an idea of the situation and react to changes. In case of new measures, the employees receive a safety briefing and I explain the sequence of works on the construction site. From time to time, my phone rings and I have to think about another step that is already in progress. New problems regularly arise and I am available to other colleagues for advice and action. So every day is an experience in itself.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together."

I see myself as a service provider for the individual companies and experience my "engineering moment" whenever a repair or new construction project has been successfully completed. This confirms the good and important cooperation with the responsible persons.

Realizing your potential, having fun, being happy

The variety in my job is important to me. Performing the same work every day wouldn't be for me. Planning energy-relevant construction measures and thus doing my bit for the environment is my contribution that I can make. Through further education and training courses I also receive regular updates and can exchange information with other colleagues during seminars.