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Experience report Evangelos Merlidis

My activity

My activity

Take a look at the experience Evangelos Merlidis gained as a process mechanic at thyssenkrupp rothe erde.
Process mechanic

In the tenth grade I completed a year's internship at thyssenkrupp rothe erde through the Dortmund "Main School" initiative. Once a week I had the opportunity to produce workpieces in the training workshop and to learn a lot about metal professions. This encouraged and motivated me to start a training job as a process mechanic / forming technician there.

As a trainee, I went through several stations in the company, which gave me an extensive insight into production. The last station in the company was the cutting shop. I immediately knew that I had the opportunity to put my interests into practice here.

My challenges

The different requirements in the company ensure that my everyday life is varied and I regularly learn something new.

My typical working day

As a "jack of all trades" in the cutting shop, I have to cope with different tasks depending on the shift: In the early and midday shift I check trucks and wagons on which our raw material is delivered. In addition, I check the current stock in our raw material warehouse, measure rods and divide them according to the specifications.

During the night shift, I check our saw logs using the spectro data which is read out with a spectral analyzer during sawing. Because it is extremely important to avoid material mix-ups. I usually spend the rest of the night shift on the carbide saw, where I saw the raw material according to the orders. My job as a versatility worker in the separation plant is therefore an extensive task, in which I can be used flexibly in different areas at any time.

"engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for us …

Everyone should share their experiences in the plant with each other so that everyone can benefit from it. It is very important to pursue the same goal together, even if it is divided into many smaller goals. The big goal is therefore the "together".

Realizing one's potential, having fun, being happy

The most important thing is to be happy. My employer gave me the opportunity to discover and learn a profession that I liked right away. I have numerous opportunities for further training and can specialize in a wide range of specialist areas and continue to develop further, so that my profession is always challenging, fulfilling and making me happy.