Experience report - Lorenzo Viesi

My background / my job

My background / my job

Lorenzo Viesi, smiling, wearing glasses and a shirt, short dark hair and a beard, arms crossed
Mechanical engineer at thyssenkrupp rothe erde Italy S.p.A.

My career as a mechanical engineer began as a consultant for various companies in different industries, from military to construction. Each assignment required different skills and covered a variety of topics, which I appreciated because the tasks were always new.

During this time, I was fascinated by the wide range of applications, both in terms of the specific complexity and the scope of tasks. Northern Italy is a center for the heavy engineering industry, and as soon as I had the opportunity, I joined one of the best-known forging companies in the region.

I have always been fascinated by heavy metal forming, especially the processes, machines and, of course, the resulting products. In this respect, I was very happy to expand my experience and know-how in this field, first as a technician at product level and then as a sales engineer.

This is what fascinates me till this day about my work at thyssenkrupp rothe erde: the precision of the development and production processes and the wide-ranging applications of the products coupled with the global presence and strength of the brand. In this respect, I am pleased and also a little proud to be part of the sales team at thyssenkrupp rothe erde Italy.

My challenges

The challenges in the sales team are diverse, especially in these ever-changing times. But they are what drive and motivate me every day. Two of them accompany me almost every day:

No two customers are the same, and we are always there to help and advise them: understanding their highly complex needs, depending on the application, is certainly a challenge. At the same time, every challenge is new and exciting; our sales team does not know boredom or "business as usual".

On the other hand, customer requirements are becoming more and more complex and specific. This makes every order virtually new territory, because it is our job to efficiently organize the information coming from the customer and to forward it to all relevant departments and functions within the company.

Our typical working day

In sales, every day is different, even though the basic processes can be similar. I always divide up my working day in such a way that I can prepare the orders to be processed in the best possible way. But that also saves me a lot of work for the teams involved and is therefore efficient and goal-oriented, for our customers as well. This includes, among other things, customer-specific consulting, preparation of quotations, technical evaluation, quotation monitoring (obtaining feedback from the market) and market observation.

In addition, my workday also includes post-order activities, such as monitoring production status to inform our customers about their components and deliveries. In between the above activities, there is actually a part of the day that is kept free for urgent matters. After all, our goal as a sales team is to always offer the customer the perfect-fit solution.

„engineering. tomorrow. together.” Together means for me …

not only to benefit from the knowledge and strength of the company, but also to build a bridge to our customers in order to achieve better results, and that can only be done together.

And finally, "together" also has something to do with personal development, because at thyssenkrupp sharing knowledge and experience is an inherent part of the way we work and our culture.

My employer thyssenkrupp rothe erde 

The great thing about thyssenkrupp rothe erde is that the company still believes in people, across all hierarchical levels. Even though the world is moving in a fully digital and automated direction, people themselves and the work they do are valued and seen as an essential contribution to our success and recognized accordingly.

Thanks to the above-mentioned factors, a strong will and willingness to continuously change and improve, and a deeply rooted culture of "lean thinking," we are able to master all challenges in our business for the benefit of our customers.