Experience report Julia Neumann

Via a detour to my dream training job

Via a detour to my dream training job

Woman in red blouse, glasses and light brown hair
Trainee industrial clerk

After finishing school, I started studying economics. I quickly realized that this was not the right path for me. I was missing the practical insight into real working life. After some research it was clear that I wanted to complete a training job as an industrial clerk in a large, international industrial company. This training offers me the opportunity to get to know many areas of a company. And I can test which area suits me best. thyssenkrupp rothe erde offers me all these things.

My challenges

Every day I face new challenges. Whether it's an initial conversation with a customer in English or working with other employees – sometimes colleagues from abroad. About every three to four months new, exciting tasks are delegated to me, because then the message arrives: Time to move to a new department in our company, for example in shipping, marketing, human resources or sales & distribution. There you will very quickly become part of the team and get your own tasks or smaller projects that you can carry out on your own. You're not just a trainee, you're a colleague.

I was aware at an early stage that I would like to work in industry, because I enjoy the commercial sector, but I never miss out on practical and technical insights.

My typical working day

My working day usually starts at my desk. I check my e-mails and consult with my training officer from the current department. We plan our day, and I start my work. In sales & distribution, for example, one of my tasks was to create offers for our customers and process orders.

In the human resources department I was in charge of supervising the application process for trainees. I conducted the hiring tests and prepared the selection days on which all our commercial trainees are allowed to participate in the course of their training. Getting to know the selection process from the other side shows you once again what you have already achieved and that you can be proud of yourself.

Whenever I'm not part of the classic office routine, I'm working on projects such as our plant tour project, the health workshops, the social project, a tour of our plant in Lippstadt or a visit to the large steel mill in Duisburg. So it never gets boring with us.

At the end of the training, the company's support gives you the opportunity to take part in an ICC preparatory course for the final examination. Internally, we also prepare ourselves for the final oral examination with the help of our instructors. In addition to our trainers, we also invite trainees from the second year of training to take part in our test run for the examination, in order to give them an insight into this situation. We can also gain a lot from their feedback and questions for our test.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for us …

… that at thyssenkrupp rothe erde you are not just one of many, but a part of the family. Already on my first visit here in the company I felt comfortable and welcome. And that is exactly what makes the company so special. I felt like part of the team from the beginning. As part of the thyssenkrupp Group, rothe erde is a globally active company and yet it still conveys the feeling of a family business. Walking across the factory premises, you meet people you know because it is precisely as a trainee that you get to know many people and can always benefit from the contacts you have made in the future departments. You make yourself known, and if you happen to have a question on another topic, you know directly who you can address.

Outlook for the future

I like it very much at thyssenkrupp rothe erde. In fact, so much that I would like to continue my training after my education, in order to expand my knowledge and skills. The training of all employees is a top priority here. If you are interested in this, you even get the chance to continue your education after your training with the financial support of the company. For example, with a degree in addition to the job or other further training measures. Many former trainees have already taken advantage of this opportunity and I hope that I will soon join them.