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Dennis Magel

My job: Technical knowledge and big machines

My job: Technical knowledge and big machines

Young trainee in blue polo shirt, looking friendly into camera

My path at thyssenkrupp rothe erde started right after I finished secondary school. As a child I wanted to become an automotive mechatronics technician and did a three-week internship in a garage during my school years. However, during a holiday job in a sawmill I operated a large machine for the first time and was impressed straight away. In my spare time I like to work on cars or scooters. I didn't want to learn an office job, I wanted to work as a craftsman. In my training as a machining mechanic I enjoy writing programs for CNC machines and I can try out different machining steps.

My challenges

When programming the machines, I have to think a lot about the production process and remeasure and correct the first workpieces several times. The focus is on the accuracy of fit of the manufactured parts, and minimal deviations can be decisive. We trainees assume a great deal of responsibility and are involved in the production of the end product, e.g. by producing tapered rollers. The reproduction of individual parts from the factory is particularly challenging, since there is no drawing of the workpieces and I have to measure the values again. When a process has run smoothly, the dimensions match and the surface has the desired structure, real feelings of happiness arise. A working group on wind energy is offered to interested schoolchildren. The participants produce a wind turbine made of metal and we trainees are allowed to support the students in conventional turning and drilling. I really enjoy the cooperation and it is a great change from my daily work on the big machines.

When I drive past a wind turbine, I often think that a part I made could be installed somewhere in it. Even if it is only a single screw, I am proud to contribute to the energy transition with my work.

My typical working day

My working day begins when the machine is switched on. First of all, I finish open assignments from the day before and then pick up a new task from our instructors. If urgent orders for our own production are received, flexibility is required of all trainees and we work together as a team. After finishing an order, I rebuild the machine and replace the drills and inserts. Afterwards I have to recalculate the tools and adjust the feed rate to the new material. The versatility of my work is demonstrated by the fact that I work in different departments. In the Quality Assurance department, I got to know different test methods and checked the composition of the metal in the laboratory. I'm really impressed by the high loads the material can withstand.

"engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for me …

… to be there for each other! The training workshop always provides the necessary help and support. The atmosphere among the trainees is very relaxed and I feel well integrated into the group. I am also a private friend of many trainees. The trainees who are further advanced in their course like to share their experiences and support us with advice. The relationship with the trainers is characterized by open communication. They attach great importance to our comprehensive training and are the contact persons in every situation. All trainees prepare for the exams together and we support each other. We would like to emphasize the great commitment of the trainers, who discuss old examination tasks with us on a weekly basis and are available for questions of all kinds. I feel well prepared for my next exams.

Open communication, satisfaction and new experiences

In my training it is important to me to lay a foundation for my professional future. At thyssenkrupp rothe erde I gained a lot of insight into the production of an industrial group and was allowed to feel like a permanent part of the team from the very beginning. I am completely satisfied!