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Experience report Alina Schickentanz-Reuter

My job: Transport around the globe

My job: Transport around the globe

Young girl with light long hair, on a work with a safety jacket
Shipping employee

Directly after my training as a foreign language assistant and industrial clerk, I joined thyssenkrupp rothe erde. I started my career in the classic way by applying for a job advertisement. The job inspires me with the opportunity to work internationally and contribute to the company's success through my language skills. The application process went off without a hitch and I was very happy to receive the confirmation. Today, communication in German, English and French is a matter of course for me. Only recently I took over the task area of China and got to know new cultural aspects.

After my graduation as a business economist in logistics, I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in business administration. I can coordinate the double burden of studies and work very well due to my flexible working hours. During the course of my studies, I took on increasingly demanding tasks and was able to apply my new knowledge directly to my work.

Already at school I developed an interest in different foreign languages. At thyssenkrupp rothe erde I have the opportunity to use my language skills on a daily basis due to the international orientation of our mail order business and I send our products all over the world.

My challenges

I am constantly confronted with new challenges, especially in international shipping. We react to new customs regulations and legal requirements as well as to specific customer requirements. Our internal processes are also changing as a result of the regular adjustments and innovations, and the scope of our work is expanding. The worldwide shipping of our products is especially exciting. For example, we sent a slewing bearing to Australia and developed a unique transport strategy. The larger the slewing bearing, the more difficult it is to ship. Before the product reaches the end user, a lot of time is spent organizing and coordinating with customers, carriers, production and sales & distribution. As far as my professional future is concerned, continuous further development is important to me. A great deal is being invested in the training of employees, and as part of my work I have already participated in a one-week customs seminar, an SAP training course and a workshop on load securing.

My typical working day

My daily routine does not follow a typical pattern, but is very variable. I come to the office in the morning and look first to see what new jobs need to be completed. For the transport of our various slewing bearings and rings, we often require special vehicles such as an inclined loader, which I order from the forwarders. In the case of larger orders, it is possible that the vehicle has an excess length and I have to obtain a transport permit. It is important to have the willingness to be flexible. In the transport system, all processes are timed and disruptions delay the entire delivery process. The varied tasks make my job exciting and motivate me every day anew.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for me …

… teamwork! Working together is a major priority in my department. Especially for special orders that are shipped overseas, everyone contributes their expertise. Our team is diverse and my colleagues have very different careers. Through the composition of young and experienced employees, we can all learn from each other and complement each other. Everyone makes his or her own individual contribution, and there is a strong sense of solidarity in the department. Twice a year we strengthen our team spirit with social events in which the whole department participates. Dinner together or sporting activities such as bowling, for example, allow you to get to know your colleagues on a different level. At the end of each year, we meet with colleagues from shipping in Dortmund at the Christmas market and exchange experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

Freedom, flexibility and encouragement

Thanks to the flexible working hours, I am able to successfully complete my studies on a part-time basis. I am very grateful for this freedom and the good compatibility with my job. At thyssenkrupp rothe erde, the further development of our employees and working together are in the foreground. I am completely satisfied!