thyssenkrupp rothe erde is represented in these industries:

Digital graphic in blue with cranes, hoists and skyscrapers.
Building & infrastructure

Innovations for urban change

Whether with solutions for passenger transport or materials for state-of-the-art architecture, we actively participate in the shaping of tomorrow’s cities.
Graphic in blue and gray with several wind turbines in nature.
Renewable energy

The driving force

Whilst fossil fuels are becoming ever scarcer, the global need for energy is growing.
Graphic in blue and gray with different images of precision applications.
Precision applications

Unusual operating conditions

Rolling bearings, which exhibit high levels of precision under unusual operating conditions, are used for precision applications.
Blue-gray graphic with cars being built on anassembly line.
Mechanical & plant engineering

Our customers benefit from our many years of experience

With our efficient plants and procedures, we are capable of meeting ever stricter energy and environmental requirements.
Blue and gray graphic with cranes, delivery trucks on an industrial area.
Oil & gas

Means of supplying energy are undergoing radical change

In addition to oil as a raw material, gas and renewable energies are gaining importance.
Graphic in blue and gray with electric cars charging.
Transport & conveying engineering

Innovation for the mobility of tomorrow

thyssenkrupp rothe erde as a long-standing, reliable partner in the transport & conveying engineering sector