Theresa von Blumenthal

Sales engineer

Theresa von Blumenthal

My experience

Already during my course of "Sales Engineering and Product Management" I focused on sales of technically complex products. After a good year at thyssenkrupp rothe erdeI can say that the decision for this employer was exactly right. The worldwide cooperation with customers makes everyday working life varied and exciting. Not one day goes by like any other. By communicating with colleagues from different countries and cultures, I get daily new perspectives for solutions and the way to approach challenges. In addition, it is nice to work in a company where I can manage my areas of responsibility as independently as possible, but where I get the support and support of the team and my superiors in difficult situations.

My challenges

The change in the market from product solutions to individual solutions for our customers goes hand in hand with my sales challenges. Due to complex specifications it is of great importance to establish close contact with our customers and to understand their areas of application precisely, so that we can offer holistic product solutions. On the one hand, there are the interests of the customer, which have to be reconciled with the interests of the company and the individual departments. On the other hand, it is important to master the internal challenges of sales & distribution. Sales & distribution is in constant contact with numerous interfaces such as marketing, engineering, production and shipping. Connecting the ideas and specifications of the different departments with those of the customer requires a high degree of initiative, communication and organizational skills.

My typical working day

My typical working day is that I never know exactly what the day will bring. Of course, we take on a number of regular tasks such as the preparation of quotations and order processing of standard or repeat requests. However, it is often necessary to consult with our Costing, Engineering and Shipping departments. In addition, activities such as customer visits, cooperation with our field staff and globally distributed branches or the coordination and modification of individual measures with the departments involved in the development process are added, so that we can keep an overall overview of the status quo. The typical situations are, however, subsequent changes in the customer's general conditions, such as delivery terms or delivery dates as well as ad-hoc projects, in which numerous departments have to react immediately in the shortest possible time in order to provide the best possible solution in the available time. At all times, the sales representative is always present as a contact person for the customer. All in all, everyday work demands a very structured and methodical approach and offers varied tasks every day.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for me …

everyday working life. Actually, I should have mentioned this aspect in my typical working day. In sales and distribution, appreciative communication and consultation with numerous interfaces are on the agenda. In order to process customer requirements in a result-oriented manner, it is essential that the individual departments within our company work together to find optimum solutions for customers and companies. Since my first day at thyssenkrupp rothe erde I have had exactly this experience. Employees treat each other with esteem, and in the event of problems, solutions are worked on jointly by helpful colleagues within the department, by supervisors or by colleagues from other departments.