Jana Berning

Head of Marketing

Jana Berning

Only people who think outside the box can communicate straightforwardly.

My job: "Making our steel giants big"

I didn't have a serious career aspiration in my childhood. At that time, veterinary surgeon, pilot and judge were among the most important goals. In the end, it wasn't any of those, but it was something big. At thyssenkrupp rothe erde I got the chance for personal development as a direct entrant after my studies in marketing.

My job is to successfully promote our products, our brand and our company and to attract more positive attention. I use a wide range of marketing opportunities in order to generate a positive image. From A to Z, everything is included.

My main challenges

Admittedly, as a young woman you don't think about the attractiveness of steel and anti-friction bearings at first glance. My challenge was to gain a foothold in a male domain and to get totally involved with our technical products. It is important to me to know our products and the technology behind them. We need to know what our customers' needs are in order to understand what they really need. This is the only way we can increasingly market our products and implement suitable advertising measures.

My typical working day

My tasks include all areas of internal and external communication. Therefore, there is no such thing as a typical working day. My team and I work on different projects every day and try to achieve the best possible results with our external service providers.

After the brand relaunch of thyssenkrupp last year, my main focus was to roll out the innovations relating to the new branding worldwide for thyssenkrupp rothe erde. On the one hand, I acted as initiator and on the other hand, I supported all the companies of thyssenkrupp rothe erde as contact person and support.

The relaunch of the thyssenkrupp rothe erde website is one of my main projects in the course of the new brand. As a conceptual designer, I was responsible for the coordination and creation of the content. It was really exciting to lead such a large project and it's great to see that the overall support of the different departments finally led to such a comprehensive website. If someone reads this testimony now, the website, at least in the career section, has already done what it was supposed to do.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for me …

… to jointly develop our products, our location and finally thyssenkrupp rothe erde.

Working independently, developing oneself, having fun

I think it's great that I have the opportunity to work independently at thyssenkrupp rothe erde and to develop myself further in many areas. I take full responsibility for my own projects and grow with every challenge. The fun is by no means secondary, but a constant companion.