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Timo Platt

Intern Research & Testing

Timo Platt

For me, being part of a step into a sustainable future is a great motivation. As an employee of thyssenkrupp Bearings, I also contribute to resource conservation and climate protection by supporting renewable energies.

My job

As a mechanical engineering student at a technical university, I come across new theoretical content every day, for which I always want to have a bridge to industrial practice. When I joined thyssenkrupp Bearings as an intern, I was able to gain more than just a practical insight into the engineering sciences in a versatile company. Through the entire production sequence from the ring to the slewing bearing in the Dortmund and Lippstadt plants, I learned valuable skills because of my involvement in sub-projects. And I benefited from the experience of open-minded colleagues. With this positive environment and the feeling of belonging, it did not take me long to decide to take up the offer of doing my bachelor's thesis in Lippstadt in the field of research and development. This was followed by a very exciting time in which I was able to acquire extensive specialist knowledge. Now, after finishing my studies, I am continuing with thyssenkrupp Bearings as a student trainee in Dortmund and I am looking forward to varied tasks every day.

My challenges

Every day contains exciting tasks that I see as an opportunity to learn something new. Therefore, it is important for me as a student to be open-minded and to be able to ask questions if necessary. A helpful environment as well as the trust and recognition of my supervisors offer me the best conditions to develop myself as a student and to leave a positive impression.

My typical working day

At thyssenkrupp Bearings I have been expected to perform very varied tasks. In my bachelor's thesis, I investigated the influence of manufacturing techniques on the reduction of noise emissions from anti-friction bearings and the effects on the operating noise of wind turbines. For the necessary tests, I carried out a large part of my measurements on a test bench. The subsequent preparation and evaluation of the measurement results was part of the other half of the office routine. Creative rounds led to promising solutions that I could use for my work thanks to cross-departmental cooperation. The idea of taking a step towards wind power as renewable energy with every success has been very motivating.

Our slogan is "engineering. tomorrow. together." Together means for me …

… to want to achieve goals together. Great things have only ever been achieved if a community worked well together. With respect and trust, we succeed in avoiding resistance within groups and we can channel our energy completely positively in order to make a difference.

Realizing your potential, having fun, being happy

Thanks to my student activities at thyssenkrupp Bearings I was able to learn a lot of things that no lecture hall in the world would have taught me. Of course, this is not a one-sided process and I am very satisfied if I can contribute to relevant issues at the same time.