Machining mechanic

What we expect from you

In addition to your interest in mechanical engineering, we expect you to possess a high degree of precision. This is the top priority for the cutting machine operator. Because the components he/she produces are installed in machines or vehicles, so highly precise work is necessary. Prerequisites for a training job are good results in school leaving exams with good grades in mathematics, physics and German.

What exactly will you do all day?

You will learn about machines and the properties of different metal materials. You first make the first samples with your hands, then later on with lathes. You will get to know different processing methods. Later on, you will create workpieces with the help of CNC machines: Here you program the work steps exactly, and they are then produced by the machine alone. You evaluate technical drawings and documents, align machines and carry out test runs. You clamp workpieces, start up machines and monitor the production process. Finally, you carry out a quality control with different measuring instruments. In short: So you'll be working both on the computer and physically.

Prospects after graduation

After the training you will have great career prospects, for example with a further training as an industrial master craftsman or technician, which will qualify you for a higher-quality job. Part-time study is also possible.

Are you also interested in other industrial and technical training professions?

Then also take a look at the Process mechanic, Industrial mechanic and Electronics technician for operating technology. In addition, you can obtain information about the different training professions from the Federal Employment Agency.

Have you already found the job you are looking for or want to know more?

Our contact persons at the location of your choice will be pleased to inform you about the duration of your training, the field of work and much more:

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Sandra Fritzsche
Tel.: +49 231/186-2510

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Kerstin Schulte
Tel.: +49 2941/741-3594

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Kerstin Born
Tel.: +49 3334/206-558

Experience reports


"The equipment is unique and state-of-the-art."

Simon Böhmer,
trainee machining mechanic

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"We are a strong team."

Julia Möbes, trainee machining mechanic

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Dennis Magel

It makes me proud to be a part of the energy transition.

Dennis Magel, trainee machining mechanic

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"There's a sense of togetherness here like in a big family."

Mustafa Sünger, trainee industrial mechanic

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"Equal opportunities are lived here every day."

Lena Maria Senges,
trainee industrial mechanic

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"I learn something new on a regular basis."

Evangelos Merlidis, process mechanic trainee

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"I feel most comfortable in sales."

Kevin Bergemann, industrial clerk

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"I like working in the industry."

Julia Neumann, trainee industrial clerk

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